Q: bumping noise in front end when going over hump or bump and when turning steering on 2003 Honda Odyssey

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my 03 odyssey has a bumping noise in the front end when going over a bump or hump slowly. it also tends to bump or knock a few times when turning the steering wheel. not as often. has been doing this for a few months now. took it to honda, said they cant find anything
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I have an 03 that did the same thing it ended up being the engine mounts were loose.
I have had 3 different mechanics check this problem out, including honda who seems to find anything in order to get your money, and still, no one can find a problem. so annoying to listen to. thanks for reply.
I had noise an alignment problems and I took it to Honda Dealer, Firestone tire, Les Schwab Tire and they did not find anything wrong then I took it to small Auto Repair shoe and he told me that I need to replace assle and struct. I did went ahead had he did what he told me but it did not solve the problem. It there one have answer to this problem please help.