Q: bumping noise in front end starts at low speed and increases on uneven pavement on 2003 Nissan Murano

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This bumping noise begins at very low speed (less than 5 mph) and increases as terrain or pavement quality worsenes. I have secured every plastic or moulded part under the car and under the hood. I took the car to a shop and had the brake pads replaced and the front end checked for anything that might have slack. They didn't find any slack, but said that the problem could possibly be strut mounts. They hesitated to replace these strut mounts because of the cost and that they didn't know if that would solve the problem. The car has 131,000 miles on it. The bumping noise is very irritating, since it does it almost constantly. The only advise the shop foreman could give me was to continue to drive the car, since nothing was found to be loose. He said that if the problem was strut mounts that the noise would get worse. HELP!
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It sure could be strut mounts or bushings, especially at that mileage.
If the dealer can't say for sure, then the tech who looked at it isn't too sharp. Find a front-end alignment shop or an independent Nissan specialist, they'll find the problem.
There's a possibility that you have a faulty exhaust hanger, for instance, so be open-minded and don't assume anything until you find the noise.
If you want to find a Nissan specialist, here's our directory link for you:
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