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Ive owned two buick park avenues. A 1994 and a 1995. Both beautiful cars. Such a smooth drive, gets great gas mileage for the size of the car, V6 engine, and so much space to spread out compared to newer cars. My dad got the first one for me and my brothers for its extremely large engine and strong frame for more protection if we ever got in a car crash. Great for teen drivers.
Both buicks had pretty much the exact same problems. One of my biggest pet pevs is the electric system. The first buick had a wiring system that was over heating the car so much that it would shut down. I have had to replace numerous electrical parts in the car-most common: seats, power steering button, trunk button, and windows. I would say the only main problem is the electrical system. I dont know why but my battery would always die (replaced 3 times between both cars) I would say be prepared to replace electrical every now and then.
The engine did go on me with both buicks-after 100,000 sum miles. The great thing is that in wisconsin there are so many buick parts that it didnt cost to much to find a newer engine- havent had a problem after that.
But other than that the car is beautiful. Great in winter conditions- heaver so it doesnt get stuck so easy. Once its moving it just coast.
Make sure to regularly change the oil, fill up the tires, and baby it. Itll run like a champ if you keep up to date with it. In the past 2 years I have only had to make 2 repairs on it due to rust.

Hi: I own a 1991 Buick Park Ave Base Model 3.8 V6 engine, I had problems with the car cutting off while driving. I went to several mechanics this is everything I had changed and the problem still existed. Mass airflow sensor, Coolant temperature sensor, Crank shaft sensor, Idle control valve sensor, Fuel pump relay, Fuel pump, Fuel pump strainer, Fuel pump filter, Throttle body cleaned 100%, Spark plugs, Spark plug wires, Coil pack, New battery. I had all these items replaced because when the car got a little hot or even sometimes all the way hot it will still shut off, like I turned the key off myself. No code never came on at all. But I spoke to a mechanic that is a retired GM Master Tech and he checked manually to see if the Coil Pack had spark, and it did sometimes. Then he did a manual test again this time with the master tech diagnostic computer hooked up and finally a code 42 came on several times. I then went and purchased the IGNITION CONTROL MODULE and when he changed it the car started running 100 plus percent like it was brand new all over again. And he also showed me on the old IGNITION CONTROL MODULE where it was over heating and melted. So please have your mechanic check the inside of the IGNITION CONTROL MODULE because sometimes it give a code and sometimes it don't but it will most likely be the cause of your stalling. Check it first before you go and spend hundreds of dollars changing parts that don't need to be changed. My lesson learned as a owner of this vehicle. I hope this post will be a help to someone.
rear shocks and onboard air compressor failed around 110,000 mi. Transmission failed at 182,000 mi. Digital hvac display went dark at around 130,00 mi. You tube video showed me how to repair by removing unit and re-soldering 4 cold soldered resistors, still working fine at 225,000 mi. Steering wheel position sensor replaced at 190,000 mi. Engine and supercharger have remained trouble free for 10 years, fuel milage 25 mpg highway 17 city, not bad for large car. I plan to keep this vehicle till it falls apart.
I got this car in 2011. I have had to put on struts and tune up. runs great. Tons of power. A/c does not blow as hard as like but gets cold. Great school car or cheap car
I HAVE ONLY 78000 ON MY 2000 PARK Aveue and I'm having to replace the fuel tank sender and the seat control cluster is falling out of seat,the radio clock don't keep time.It runs pretty good and uses a lot of gas
I have a 1998 Buick Park Avenue and the A/C was working but now it puts out warm air on driver's side and cold air on passenger side?
Hope someone can give me an answer.
I have 162,0000 miles and have had no major repairs. changed timing belt around 90,000 and had a few recalls with oil on top of motor when it was new. started dying last month and had a oxygen sensor replaced..good now. I am told I could use new struts, tie rod and front whell bearings. So I am wondering whether to fix it up or get me something else. It has been a good car and still gets 30 mpg on hwy and 19 in town. uses no oil or water...
I have a 98 buick park avenue. I was driving and it cut off on me. I replaced the battery and the starter because they were both tested and was bad. I tried to start my car and all it makes is a clicking noise. What could be the problem? I checked my oil and it was fine. There is no oil and water mixing. What could make my car not crank? Please help!!!!
I recieved my 1994 buick park avenue second hand from my father.Have had isseues with the alarm not allowing the car to start for 30 minutes,air conditioner has stopped blowing cold,and an idle control sensor went bad.Besides that one of the greatest rides i have ever felt even still at 140000 miles keeping up the regular maintance is the key.
We owned a 2000 Buick Park Avenue first, drove it over 150k, regret ever getting rid of it... Replaced it with a 2003 Buick Park Avenue, it's at over 150k now and still running like new, bullet-proof! Great vehicle, proven motor. Just have to keep up on the maintenance and fluid changes.
I'm having multiple misfires on multiple cylinders, while in park i"ll raise the rpm to around 1750 and it will start misfiring even in drive around 1750 rpm multiple misfires I've changed my coil pack,ignition module,crankshaft position sensor,and my MAF sensor. Because of the code i had PO102 Mass or volume Air flow Circuit low input. any answers
I love my car I bought this car new and love the way I always feel save with the features that comes with it. It does have the turbo engine so whenever I need the extra boost of power it is there. I know that the time is coming whenever i have to get something different and I just don't know what I want since I have found nothing that compares.
like a rock
nice car, not many problems, well equipped, pleasure to drive,needs fuel sender unit.
2004 Park Avenue, bought one year old, now has 130,000 miles and not a flaw inside or out. Great feel, superior handling, lots of power, solid. Had to replace right front wheel bearing at 70,000 miles. Replaced a rear strut at 110,000 miles. Replaced idler pulley and belt at 124,000 miles. These are the only issues. Runs like new, smooth ride. If they still made Park Avenue I'd replace it, eventually, with another one. As it is, I'll need to buy a Jag to get anything like it. Why did GM stop making these? That was a really bad decision. It's one of the best cars they've ever made.
I`ve had nothing but good luck with this car,gas mileage is excellent
no trouble in the three years I owned it.I know have 65,000 miles on it,
and look forward too that many more.
I have a buick park ave ultra. And it run's like a champ. But one of my key need to be reprogramed .It is like the key is not being reed by the car . Is that some thing i can do my self .For as reprograming the key my self . Because i was able to program keyless entry .
I just got my '91 Buick park avenue with 88,220 miles. It turns great and drive amazing, but unespected turn off when you are on stop or going up slow, of low driving. But do not occur all the time. Please tell me something if you know what could be. We think is an electrical problem somewere. Thanks
Park Avenues and Lesabres were the best cars in my opinion. The Lucern and Lacrosse are supposed to be the new version of the cars. As they are only a few years old, there is no true record of their reliability as far as I know.
Bought the car about 3 months ago, runs very quiet and strong. Love the air ride only problem was bad compressor, found re-manufactured one online for cheap (e-bay motors) and the Fuel Pump gauge not reading accurately. Overall a good car with a great engine.
we bought a park ave with 128,000 miles and this car is a "special luxury to have. The ride is very smooth, the engine is a work horse.
this has been a great car, love the smooth ride and and comfort. had AC probs, charged system, now blower seems to blow low,even with it on high, and sometimes has fits and blows high then low. not sure if it's in the switch to fan or fan motor itself. any clues as to why this occurs?
i love my car!!!!! its a buick park avenue ultra! it rides so smooth, the only problem im having is when i stop, it starts to shake. whats wrong?
nice looking car with the chrome on it just make the car stand out and a lot of power i love this car
been good car for 5 years. has transmission rough shift right now. the heater/ac doors acted up a couple of times. battery conections need cleaning regularly.
Nice car, nice ride! Smooth operator. Tranny seems to want to shift a little bit rough after warming up since changing the fluid...I did add Lucas and that may be the problem, plan on changing fluid and see what happen...A/C was working super...and then the compressor just stopped! new compressor and still not working...don't know why. Rear defroster stopped too and temp gauge has the car and plan to work on the few things still has a lot of life left
2001 Buick Park Avenue- Bought new for wife- she bought another car and now I drive it.. Quite a step up from an El Camino which I still own. Only concern is a coolant leak over by the right front tire. Please note tthat photo is NOT the same car..
The most solid car I have ever owned. If they still made them I would buy one in a heart beat. Very reliable. Car has 310,000 miles runs like a top
Great car! Bought when two years old. Has 90Kplus miles. Have had some small rust repairs to body and repainted once. (We're in the snow belt-no garage) Still runs like a charm, but now have trouble with the cruise control not staying engaged. Have had two attempts to fix it. Otherwise I am careful about maintenance-oil changes etc.
had this car for 3 1/2 weeks runs good need to change fuel pump