2007 Buick Terraza Questions

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Lights flickering interior and exterior what to do to fix on 2007 terraza
Worse if goin highway speeds or a quick stop.
We have replaced the starter, battery, checked the alternator. It just doesn't start with no rhyme or reason whenever it wants, generally at least once a month and has to be jumped. In fact, this last time it wouldn't even jump. I think it's an electrical/computer issue, but no one wants to take me seriously. The alarm or dinging and message on the dash says rear door ajar or whatever, and no matter how many times I shut all the doors, again with no rhyme or reason it will stop or it won't.
Could it be my transmission going or on my car
Run relay fuse clicks. Power windows work...wjat couls it be
I hate my 2007 terraza I have so much problem
where would I find the oil pressure
I replace the brake pad on the front wheels know my traction control light stay on.

I tried to open my door and the handle isn't grabbing what's needed to get the door to open. Is there a way to try fix this without going to a repair shop and paying a ridiculous amount?
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