2006 Buick Terraza Questions

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It will shift and drop into reverse, will not drop into drive or drive 2 but will in drive 1.just started today.
can't use door without alam staying on .
It worked fine until last week. I have checked the owners manual to see if there is a fuse that goes to it, but, I can't find it.
Worked fine until last week
it has been working fine until the last two weeks. can't find a fuse that goes to the backup sensor
Lift gate has been locked for 6 months won't unlock. Won't open. Handle is fine. Air ride is as full as it can get every minute of every day. Ruined 4 new tires in 8 months. Had the ride level sensor replaced. Did no good. It still ate the two new tires. It has been aligned 3 times during this time. Has been to 3 different shops. None can find the problem. Some one has to know.
The driver's side seat warmer has stopped working, but the passenger side works fine. We can only find one fuse listed for "heated seats" and it's on the right front passenger side. The fuse is not blown. Does this fuse work for both sides or is there another one? Is there something else we should try?
3.5l engine, a diagram would be nice too
The rear wiper motor is not working. I'm assuming this is just a bad motor back there. Any ideas on procedure to replace? What is the difficulty level?
I currently have several nagging issues with DVD player not working. The 2 keyfobs are not working. Right sliding door will not open from front control swith or from inside in right-back seat. Could these issues be related? The keyfobs haven't worked for a few months like the door. But, the DVD player stopped working this week when the battery died (after trying to jumpstart...and mechanics doing diagnostics). I'm concerned something chronic is breaking down in the electrical system. Any ideas on how to resolve?
When the car brakes or takes off from a stop, we can here a fairly loud crack noise. I have already checked the axles, brake caliper pins, wheel bearings, struts and had it in at a transmission shop because I was afraid that was where it was coming from. The steering wheel also pulls when you stand on the brake in "Drive" and push down on the accelerator, also producing the noise. All tell tail signs of a bad motor mount. Is there anywhere online that would help me with the steps I need to take to do this myself?
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