1991 Buick Skylark Questions

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I know that my heater core is the reason my car is overheating i just can't find anything that tells me where its located so i can fix it.
Ive been researching for 2 days now. It seems like the problem to my fustration of a vechile is either blown head gasket or crankshaft sensor. Sensor cost $30 and gasket cost $50. I do things myself but heard head gasket is a pain in the ass. Anyone have any tips
That would get in my 2 door skylark. It's a power window
Got this car from original owner in 2013. It had 50,000 original miles in the first 21 years. In last 2 years I put 24,000 on it. I noticed some coolant was coming out of overflow tube on expansion tank(and coolant was boiling/bubbling in expansion tank.) Car was also making a "marbles rolling around in coffee can" noise at this time and it hadn't been before. I took it to be a failing water pump. I replaced, water pump, thermostat, radiator cap, all coolant, flushed coolant system. Electric fan seems to work, at least when a/c is on. No issue for three weeks. Today car is expelling coolant again from expansion tank overflow hose. And "coffee can with marbles noise" is still there-leading me to think timing chain/guides are beginning to fail. So, Any guesses on coolant issue? How about coffee full of marbles noise issue? Thanks!
Car was a gift. Neighbor says its probably the bulb. Autozone has teh bulb, but I don't know where on the vehicle to replace the old one.

Air blow hot when i turn on the ac
runs fine awhile then it just stalls have to let it set about 15 minutes then it will run fine for a few then stall again
i have replaced the water-pump,thermostat,heater core ,radiator,heating sensors,heater control module and a new radiator cap but still no heat what could this be .its not the blower it blows strong but only cold air and the car doesnt over heat
key will not go back to stop engine
i was repairing power windows and fuse blew and stopped the car from strating and everything else from working. looked for window fuse under colum and it didn't have one for it and all other fues under there o.k. looked under hood and found no fues panel box.....,what the heck did i do to stop everything from working and the car not starting. have brand new generator and battery only a week old.....
Isn't the lock ,up clutch deactivated by the brake curcuit?
i tried to start my car and it wouldn't start. my friend replaced a vacuum hose thing that had rotted and also the fuel filter and it idles but as soon as i tap the gas pedal it cuts out. another friend who is a mechanic says it sounds like the air flow sensor meter. he says it is easy to replace. i have no idea where this is located so that i can check it...or how much it will cost if it needs replacing.
window sticks as you are closing it, and you have to wait a few seconds to move it an inch, and repeat
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