1990 Buick Skylark Questions

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its an 1988 buick skylark engine replace with a 151 2.5 iron duke 4 cy
I have changed the starter, coil, alternator, plugs and wires. I have also replaced the ignition switch and turn signal switch.
I have not changed the points, nor checked the timing, but could those two things be the problem?
I had to select the wrong year because my year wasn't available.
My car is actually an 88, the fuel injector, and fuel pump are brand new. The fuel pump is giving it gas but it will not spray and therefor the engine dies on start up. You can spray starter fluid into the carburetor and it will continue to run but the problem is the injector not spraying fuel into it. We checked the wires leading into the injector and they are delivering a signal when we turned the key but still no spray. This problem started happening after my battery died and I removed it to have it recharged since no one would give me a jump.
it is actually a 87 skylark. was running ok really hard to start but ran fine. now all of a sudden it just cranks over and wont fire but when I let off the key it back fires really loud. All parts I have replaced since I bought it is fuel pressure regulator, fuel filter and o2 sensor. it is spraying fuel like it should just doesn't want to start. any help asap would be greatly appreciated need to have it running by sunday, 2/2/14 if possible. thank you.
she just bought the this was the first time she tried to use it
steering colmn lock plate taken off and what i believe is the lock cyl release pin pushed in it would not i ummm used a slide hammer on it,not a good idea!then my brother did some more on it...trying to break and or pry the cylinder out of the its realy stuck..any ideas on how to remove lock cylinder from case? do i need to remove whole steering colmn,,this car belongd to my late grandfather and iam trying to restore,,thanks D.B
my 1990 buick skylark keeps blowing the fuse for all of the lights except for the headlights. this is so frustrating and i cant figure this out to save my life. please help me
When I turn on the heater and the air conditioner, I hear like an air escape but it is not working, What can be the problem?
how does the glove compartment go together. It just fell out of the area it was in. It looks live it did have some small ball bearings in it. do you have a illustration on how it goes together and what parts are needed?
it ran fine for about 5 to 10 minutes then started this problem, also replaced the fuel pressure regulator, but same thing, it did help.
why is it doing this, any ideas?
I have a 1988 Buick skylark,the coils are good the o2 censor good,module good, new plug wires, new crank censor, fuel system checks ok. but it still back fires and dies, anyone know why.
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