1996 Buick Roadmaster Questions

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Need to know what the starter relay look like and ware under. The kick panel on the right side .
Looking for starter relay ware is it and what it look like I know it on the passenger side. Is it white block under kick panel.
When i start the car i hear a click on right side of dash
1996 buick roadmaster limited edition when i try start the car it makes a clicking noise under passenger side of dash is it a relay .
Are there air bags in front and back of the roadmaster to keep it level? The front of the car is too low and the back is too high
When I turn the car off the fan continues to run and it runs the battery down. I need to turn the fan off. What causes this? It just started. It is my second car and it is very much needed.
I have a 1996 Buick Roadmaster 350 LT1 5.7, I am having some issues with the vehicle idling rough and seems to be missing. When I turn on the AC the car runs a little better and sometimes after shutting the AC OFF THE CAR SHUTS OFF.I went to AutoZone and had my car put on the computer and I got a EGR code P0400, Mass Air Flow code P0100, and a Catalyst code P0430. I replace the EGR, and mass air flow sensor, and my car is still doing the same thing. I was also told I may have a leaky water pump. I just recently installed new AC DELCO plugs and wires and a new air filter. Any ideas on what to try next or what could be my problem?

See a video of my car running at

Have Installed New fuel pump,crank sencer,key and switch,
intake gasket removal and reinstallation
keeps going in and out
1996 Buick Roadmaster 5.7L, Power steering pump failure, how to know for sure if its the pump or something else, such as the steering sector,
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