1993 Buick Roadmaster Questions

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Engine dies when idleing often.
Blower motor not working has automatic temperature control
Wires setting on distributor
Have checked fuses inside car and nothing shows blown. Air conditioner worked fine until today. Any ideas on what could be the problem??
replaced starter and coil, battery is brand new, also new icm
oil pressure is not stable
if usend picture woul be even much better
When I charge my air conditioning system, it gets cold for about a day and a half and then nothing. I'm fairly certain it's a leak, as this has happened several times even after replacing compressor. Thanks.
noise. Sometimes it will not make noise &when you start driving and hit a bump in the road it's get noisey again. When you shut it off it squeels & then goes off. What should I do?
it backfire as i give it gas to as it jerks what is that making it do that?
when i crank my car and put it in first gear and as it start to take off,its start to jerking at the speed of 20 and as i try to give it more gas it start jerking. what could be the problem?
Is the valve bad?? Also this Buick has climate control and is not a manual control heat or cooling system. Over the last three to four years getting less and less heat until NONE these last few days as its colder outside. Engine temp is fine as temp guage fluctuates up and down slightly which indicates thermostat is ok. Engine does not over heat and radiator warms up all over equally which indicates radiator is not plugged up. Any suggestions??
this only happens when i apply the brake
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