1992 Buick Roadmaster Questions

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1992 buick Roadmaster when my car is in Park ac blows cold. But when im in drive it and i go over 40 or something like that it will start blowing heat or the vent. But if i go back into park and hit the econmey button the ac will blow cold
both sides now after driving keep pooping out so when I park I have to check and snap them back in?
This occurs after idling for a while with AC on . I have to disconnect battery to reset. Gotta be a sensor that can be replaced or bypassed.
idles smooth and runs good after the hesitation
When attempting to keep the car running by pressing gas pedal it dies also. You have to gradually give gas to keep car running. Once the car warms up, cranks fine
Headlight assembly, barrett and also turning signal cover
Car started smoking under the hood when I was starting it. Found bare wires, taped them, started right away. Then the steering column started smoking. Steering wheel also locked. Do I have a short?
Car sat up 4 years. Worked fine when we parked it. 90k miles.
Basically the fact that it cycles once after ignition, then dies. The engine keeps running if I apply gas to it but dies when I take the foot off the gas pedal
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