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MAF conector broke (the little black piece).that little thing is expensive.. So I haven't gotten car died while driving today..Started up But did it again. MAF 2 Blame? Do I replace the entire o2 or just MAF connection?
I added a new battery and a new starter and still cranks like the battery is dead
not getting power to fuel pump
Car will intermittently not start. This is a no crank, no start. Battery IS NOT the problem. Steering column is loose, but that occurred AFTER this issue began. I am assuming it is the Ignition Control Module... but I want to try to verify other possibilities before I start dumping a bunch of money into this car. This used to occur every 3-4 days. Frequency and length of time before starting is increasing. Car runs well.
The gas pump will stay running and also the 3 min delay to start comes on says security and i have to wait 3 min to start it.I had to put a key on the battery to turn it on and off every time i am not using it.Now it started yesterday the motor shut off going down the road.Can this be anything to do with the speedometer or any ideas?? Thank you..
Have bypassed the ignition switch by installing the relevant value of resistor between switch and bulkhead wiring block. But security light keeps coming on ( steady ) car runs perfect, light will go out while driving for a couple of days, then will come back on. The car will start if the light is on most of the time but every now and then will have wait for 3 minutes for it to reset. Is there a permanent fix without having to buy new TDM.? Have come across a full vats bypass module on the net, anybody know anything about this bypass module and would it be worth buying one. Any help with this problem would appreciated.
Thought it could be an electrical issue, a sensor, fuel injectors. After having some things replaced and taking it to 3 different shops , it still is having the same starting issue. We then noticed it only does it after weve been driving for a little bit. The other day we noticed the temperature was up to 250 when it happened again, it normaly runs at 195.
I got me a 97 Buick Riviera Supercharged 3800 series II engine. when i got the car those lights were already on. the vehicle also had a bad pulley on the alternator so i got a new alternator itself and got me some new spark pluggs while i was there . everything works fine car rides smooth but my "abs light, check engine ,and battery light" are still on now keep in mind the battery light appeared after i installed the new alternator but the alernator has been tested various times and passed every test. if u could help it would be great ! thanks.
were are the oxygen sensor located on a 1995 riviera buick
When I turn the temp dial to (all the way) to run the AC the blower blows cold air through certain vents and hot air through the others?? Is this a relay or electrical issue or just a problem with the vent door?
I cant get the water pump off opts blocked by the pellet and motor mount how do I remove the water pump
I have a 1997 buick riviera, the driver side door handle is
broken. I can get the linkage off the door handle, but I can't get the linkage off the lock. How do I get the linkage off the lock or how do I get the lock out of the door handle?
my check engine light is blinking , bad smelling smoke is coming out of the exaust , car wont start witout pumping gas , and gas is getting in the oil.
how do i safely remove the steering column from a 1997 buick riviera
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