1996 Buick Riviera Questions

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Idle would go high and low. When i stop it would cut off on me. But start back up until it didnt want to start back up for me. Any Ideas for me? I did a full tune up. Change coils, plugs, wirers, oil clean out my throttle body , fuel pump is a month old new fuel filter.. ? What am i missing?..
What seems to make the problem better or worse? When engine get hot
How long have you had this problem? Week
have had issues with timing retarding when it should be advancing
my riviera cuts out under load runs ok until you give it 1/2 full throttle,have mass sensor,intake air temp,spark plugs
Just started today
,put new pump,relay, check fuses, new fuel pressure regulator wont run take gas on rag and put on air filter tube it run whats up anybody help
I added freon while the car was started and had it turned on high/ auto. Still not blowing cold air. I checked to make sure the freon wasn't leaking. Is there a fuse i need to change? Could it be an easy fix or should i take it to the shop?
SEL is on, hade code P0102 replaced MAF sensor code now gone. Can erase SEL with my scanner but it keeps coming back on.! Will go out for a few seconds then back on again. Anybody have any idea as to why it should keep coming on and what to do to make it stay off.?
checked all plugs, wires and coil packs they are fine, O2 sensors and mass air flow sensor are also new as well as fuel filter. now it is smiking bad from exhaust, and oil drips from mufflers, rough idle revs and stalls
I must have left my trunk open and my battery drained because all the lights and power options didnt work. I tried juicing up the battery with my house charger hook up and when i do, the fans turn on without me putting the key in the ignition. The car still wont have enough juice to get it cranking. What would cause that problem?
scanner code is PO102. I replaced the MAP sensor with an AC-Delco part.Also checked wiring harness & connector(O.K) Light did not go off.
Problem, car has a tendacy to hesitate at around 60 mph. Does not die & no MISFIRE.Transmission is O.K.
At times, Car has a tendacy to stall at idle.
Replaced the following:
Spark Plugs & Wires (AC Delco)
MAP Sensor(AC Delco)
Mass Airflow Sensor(AC Delco)
New Fuel Pump
New Fuel Pressure Regulator
New Fuel Filter
New PVC Valve
Oil change & filter
Cleaned fuel injector plugs
Cleaned Throttle body
EGR Valve(AC Delco)
Replaced coil packs(3)
Replaced all vacuum lines & checked for vacuum leaks(O.K.)
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