1992 Buick Riviera Questions

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Is the compressor bad or has the bags gone bad. How do I check to find out
Had not started and did took to mechanic. Said a harmonic balance problem. Got it to start. after turning off for a while, wouldn't start. Replaced fuel pump and fuel filter and it ran from start. Parked it for 4 hours and tried to start, and it just turned over. Is there a fuel relay switch or could it be a computer problem or another possible problem? Or any other advice of things to check?
When I push the gas it will start to shake sometimes
I have this little tool specially made to take this rubber like screw but my tool won't reach because the hub cap
foot is getting hot while driving.
I cannot find a replacement lock for the alarm system, only a standard lock. How can I fix this so I don't have to disconnect battery?
I have to remove the fuse to shut lights off.
I have replaced the crank sensor and the ignition control module. at one point thought fuel first. new fuel pump installed. It would run then shut off, now it just wont start at all. Ready to blow it up!!!! LMAO. HELP!!!!! What am i leaving out
the key became logged in the ignition,replaced with new switch but the engine will not turn over,it was running fine until this happen, the switch came with two wires attached,can you bypass this anyway to make the car start or what is the next step to getting car to start,everything else has power, is it something to do with the key,because the new key does not have the the little code things on them,need help must be able to get to work, i had ohm the old key and the code 3 is 677ohms, thanks, i really need help.
I drove my car 50+ miles started it drove to one place started it again went to another place, started it again went to another place, came out and it wouldn't start no crank at all, I have checked the starter and it works on the bench, changed to ignition switch, checked all the fuses, and the netural switch, still no crank when I turn the key, not getting power on either side of the fusiable link at the starter, I set off the alarm and turned it off, that seems to be working fine, can't find the problem and have run out of ideas
while im driving the engine rares up,but it dont change right into 2nd gear..the rpm raises up to thirty before it changes
My AC is not working. Am I correct in assuming that the clutch should be spinning with the pulley when the air is on?
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