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I was looking for a shut off switch but i found a fuel pump fuse. It was running good for about a month then it cut off while driving down the road and hasn't turned over since. In the cold it wouldn't turn over at all as if it were to cold but i replaced the battery and it still did the Samething. I don't know if it's the fuel pump the fuel pump fuse i found in the passenger side front or if it is the starter or stater solenoid.
My head lights not coming on as well (((HELP ME)))
Any idea where to check for the short?
Problem just started.
How can I pinpoint exactly why this is happening? All this just from trying to change a bulb in my trunk.
I was changing a bulb in my trunk. The light lit for a fraction of a second, then nothing. Then I noticed my inside lights and remote door locks stopped working. I checked all the fuses and they were good. That only leaves me to believe that it's a cirquit breaker. Anyone know how I can reset one?
motor wont crank, starter has been tested and is good, i can hear the relay in the console clicking and i have switched it with my high beams relay and still nothing...? i have a raised chip on my key so i guess it has an anti theft mechanism but no security light is on , could it be my neutral safety switch ?? and how would i trouble shoot the NSS? i heard by putting it in other gears and trying to urn it over and to see if my reverse lights come on when its in the reverse position ??? please help..
I stopped kind of hard and heard a loud pop and right away my break pedal went to the floor. it will still stop but it goes all the way down??? What should I do?
the dash lights come on appears to be normal but no starter turn over. Cross jumped the solenoid and would start but not stay running.
My car just started racing from a cold start, the check engine light comes on, but goes off as soon as the car warms up and the engine reduces the RPMS. I am worried that I could damage the engine with the accessive speed
my car starts without any hesitation in the morning but shuts off and won't start when it gets plugs wires fuel and air filter.please help ive put 500 dollars in this car since i bought it and i really need it to get to work
after i replaced the rear struts the car rides like a buckboard - really hard
no electrical to transmission - pcm fuse not blown. no cruise control
car cut off and mechanic replaced fuse yesterday and everything was fine. today radio was on without engine for about 40 minutes and then radio began sputtering. car would not crank. used another battery and car immediately.
let car continue to run while switching battery. as soon as my battery was replaced engine died and 15 pcm fuse blowed and continued to blow. bought new battery and 10 new fuses. all blown with new battery. tried higher voltage and still blown. what could be causing? did not come in contact with any wires.
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