1990 Buick Riviera Questions

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Is their a relay or fuse to this,
Stoped working after driving
On rough road.
hood has hinges that bend easy and of course are damn hard to find?? Hinges have 2 star. screw that god slightly under the hood which is a bitch to get the right angle even with 3 guys. Put hinges on hood or put hinges on the car 1st????
hard to start when cold ok when car warms up
Question - how do I re-adjust the door hinges after replacing the hinge pins? I had to back off the hinge bolts in order to replace the hinge pins but when I tighten t he bolts, the door is way out of alignment. I cant find any site online that can give me advice on this.

repair cost
It runs fine until it heats up then it just shuts down.
What is cost to convert the AC system?
Ive replaced, fuel filters, pump, hoses, wires, plugs, cap,rotor, points, distributor, i habe a 4 barrel edlebrock carb. Headers, and new exhaust manifold. My question is i like to go fast, and tried peeling out in 1st gear, as well as drive, and the car died. Its happened 3 times, and not sure y. My idle seemed low and sometimes it would die when comin to a stop, i adjusted the idle screw on carb to make it idle faster, im very confused and dont knw much about cars, please help me beable to fix thanks. Casey
I'm trying to find an auto trans range selector cable for my 1989 buick Riviera.
I do have power getting to switch because the motor does get hot. I assume the actual pull down bar is seized. What other cars share the same unit?
1973 buick riviera, 455 big block, just replaced spark plugs and wires. Everytime i press the gas it is doin it, it idles perfectly fine but in referse or drive it sputters
gauges wont work. just says error.when test button is pushed every thing lights up ,but gauges don't work
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