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205/70R17 I think
I have 2007 buick renevous suv i have problem if i put the gear in drive and shept 3 its not running or working but if i put the gear in reverse and shept 2 is working i am only asking what is the problem of my car? Do i need to change the transmission? But i am wondering if the transmission is broken why the reverse and 2 still working pls help what im gonna do.
Wanting to know if there's a difference in windshield size? Between windshield with / without on star option. Since I don't use I don't see any reason to pay $500.00 for a windshield.
Memory seat set double beep sounds sporadically and seat movement switches and power side mirrors don't work all the time
wondering what the I means
Is it something I can repair? Where is the starter and what can I expect to pay for it?
trying to fix a starting issue
It seems as though no one has this answered. And I don't either, sorry. I have the same problem now w/ my 2007 Buick Rendezvous w/ 125,000 miles on it. I just had the transmission fluid & filter changed and it still happens occasionally. Everything seemed to go awry when I had a damaged left headlight replaced from accident. I get the no seat belt usage gong one time every 7/10ths of a mile plus then the gong sounds again for every left turn signal pulse until I use the right turn signal which extinguishes it until the 7/10ths bit starts it again. It's just aggravating from such a fine automobile(CXL). My only conclusion which "I" believe it may be is the computer. At times I mistakenly blame others. Did the dealer change out the computer because another vehicle has the gong problem? I'm frustrated as you are. Hopefully you and others can view this response. I hate buying new cars. 0730hrs 22mar2015
Fuse is fine. Replaced both the door lock system and controll unit for power windows. Still didn't work
Has been to dealer twice in two months, cleared old codes never acted up for dealer a total of seven days. Now today it quit while driving and the mechanic tells me it's the fuel pump and he recommends an AC Delco $400 fuel pump because the$250 ones are junk. I always though fuel pumps just go out, not work part of the time. HELP
We changed the fluid to correct a chattering of the transmission. When accelerating after a red light the transmission slams into gear making it feel like someone hit us from behind. It seems most notable after a long ride then a stop at a red light. We changed out the fluid through the dip stick to take care of a chattering situation during the same set of circumstances. Now it slams. Not every time but most of the time.
We changed the belt, and the battery and the problem still exists. When we accelerate on an incline seems to be the most noticeable.
Trying to start the car and it won't start unless we press the gas pedal down some. We like to use remote start in winter and this will be a major issue if we have to be in the car to press the pedal down. It even does it on warm starts as well.
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