2006 Buick Rendezvous Questions

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While backing up my front end right side popped really loud. Now my ABS/TRACTION CONTROL light is on . I'd like to have a estimated cost too repair
within the last week my 2006 Rendezvous has started to NOT sense when it is in Park. At the bank drive thru the door locks started to flip on and off all by themselves and the little bar under the P in park was not showing up. Went into gear just fine. Stopped for lunch and when I can out and turned the key nothing. no clicking, no grinding - nothing. however all the electrical items worked just time. Touched the brake peddle to see if I could adjust the shifter (it was in park) and the peddle locked. Fiddled around with the shifter for a few minutes and then the brake peddle released and it started like nothing was wrong. any ideas?
I had to replace my cadillac converter with a universal converter my service engine light came on 3 days later. I have a 2006 bui ck rendezvous how do i get it to go off?
When I'm driving down the highway and set the cruise control the car will start jurking and the RPM will start going up and down. Also when I'm driving or giving it gas the battery light will come on until I let off the gas then it will go back off. Changed the alternator and battery still does it. Thanks for ur help.
When vehicle is in drive going from 1st to 2nd gear or starting off it acts as if in neutral until you let off gas for a few seconds then it engages it occurs if you hit a bump or sometimes when turning a corner
When im driving sometime it wont pic up speed,but after i put my foot on the gas it jets off
Now car noise increase when I accelerate, Some time when I stop at traffic light the car makes loud rattling noise example (loose pipes that need clamps to prevent exhaust moving?
when it want start It makes a clicking sound when i turn ignition and some time when i release the key the clicking continues for a second. It starts right away when I hook battery charger up. once or twice when i turn ignition on and i here clicking if i continuously press accelerator pedal it will start. sometime it will start for 3-4 days and then i have problem once twice a day lights radio heat all works..
Now the car don't move or go into park I also have to apply the emergency brake
Or move into park,reverse,or drive?
small fuse was blown, changed it compressor kicks in for a few seconds then fuse blows again. this problem just started.air has been cold and compressor has been running. what else can I do to check it
I just purchased vehicle & instrument panel is not working. (only mileage light on).I Could the fuse be blown or am I able to replace lights or is there a switch to turn ? Front & rear lights are working when switched on
dragging, ultimately causing friction and overheating the brake fluid that then throws off the in-line pressure of that particular brake system.
All brakes were replaced in December 2014 and only the right one overheated September 2015. No brake light only low tire pressure light. Had the tires checked for air a week before.
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