2003 Buick Rendezvous Questions

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Car will not start in park , only in neutral
I don't hear anything. I just bought it a 2003 Friday and it started running hot Saturday. Sunday drove it for 30 min and stop then I got back in it the battery light came on I turned it off and started it again the coolant light came on wheel locked up and I couldn't drive it
What seems to make the problem better or worse? It's better when the engine is cold
How long have you had this problem? Bought it Friday started running hot Saturday gave out Sunday

How long have you had this problem? 3 weeks
It had a check engine light on them one day it start hesitating while driving like it wasn't getting fuel or fuel problem then all my dash lights and gauges quit working period I had bought a ecu from a junk yard don't know if it's good or bad but plugged it in nothing changed
you can move them side to side
The key will not turn in the ignition lock. I'm a very inclined mechanic myself, and I'm going to replace the cylinder lock, but to remove it you need to be able to turn the key. Is there anything I can do to get it to turn other than drilling out the tumblers? I've tried everything normal, turning the wheel, moving the shifter, making sure there is nothing inside it etc. No matter what I do though it will not turn, and I've tried both of my keys.
I wasn't sure if there was a release for it to allow me to turn it or something of the sort. Any help is appreciated.
I already have the trim removed around the steering wheel and access to the lock.
Engine light keeps coming on. .Have had the code pulled twice. Been told low voltage. Had complete diagnostic done at dealer. Was told they couldn't find anything wrong. Afraid car is going to die on me . Car drives nicely. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.
The car just completely shut down going down the road at 40 mph. Tried to hook it up to our diagnostic and it came up with "security error"
Someone try to hot wire my car and four wires aren't connect underneath steering wheel ,I guess my steering calm ... What part would I need to get to repair it and maybe a estimate
My truck stopped on me and my lights in side my truck does not comes on but the head lights does. When I turny key to try and crank it no sound
the engine light is on and flashes after short drive and continues to flash until vehicle is shutoff or it dies. when motor is running sounds like its misfiring and there is a motor tick present. checked coils replaced plug wires and plugs... problem is still there. since there is no power to the obd2 plug cannot hook up to code reader to find any thrown codes. motor doesnt leak anything and oil is clean. used screwdriver on heads and parts of motor to listen for any abnormalities in motor and heard nothing. help!!! at a loss here for trouble shooting.
over heating
First thing in the morning after turning it on and turning it off to run an arran. When i got back in the car to leave the car wouldn't start.
When I took the key out and moved the steering wheel up and down a couple of times it started. This happened twice and both times the car started back up after a couple of tries.
This problem just started yesterday afternoon. Then this morning it was fine. But this afternoon it started doing it s again.
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