2013 Buick Regal Questions

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My car had been reposessed and when we got it out it had been programmed to a chevy key and i cant arm my car due to the driver door being broke the key wont turn and unlock
Happen when headlights on, battery light on and off water in lights 2003 mercury sable
Was driving earlier today but now say battery saver on the dash
How long have you had this problem? First time
I replaced the bulb, i replaced the fuses . All the other lights in the assembly work. I bought a Relay(not label for driver's headlight). I am lost.
i need to dry it out and maybe figure how h2o is getting in and put it back in .
Replaced fuse,ballast,bulb
I've had car for a month. It worked great then all of the sudden it quit. The radio still plays quietly. None of the radio controls work on the steering wheel or the dash. The screen is black. It did come on once but the controls didn't work now nothing.
Whats the name of the transmission in my car?
What oil do I use?
What type of fuses do I use?
The car ran fine two days ago. Parked it in my garage Friday afternoon, Sunday evening it was dead! This happened once before, dealer had to tow it in and was able to jump start it at the shop. Something electrical appears to either stay on or turn itself on and completely drain the battery. Any suggestions?
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