2012 Buick Regal Questions

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When I crank my car up it has rattling knocking type sound. And when I start my car and put it in reverse it sputters and shuts off so then I have to restart it.. what could this be
What does diognostic code p0010
Do they use a battery and if so, how much and where can I get one.
you can put the key in and all the lights light up but it won't start. The security light flashes and we jumped it off of the starter and the engine died as soon as you took off the jump. Even tried the jump wire that you can do with a diod jumper wire and still nothing. was told by my mechanic friend that the security system is telling the car it is being stolen and he even sent a pontiac having the same problem to a dealer and they haven't figure out what is wrong with that one either. HELP!!
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