2011 Buick Regal Questions

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I Was told the valvess are bad but system is full of freon what does that mean is the problem with my air conditioning.It blowing warm air but it is blowing theough the vents
Front tire shaking ticket to shop they did front wheel alignment and will bounce still shakes
The driver's side headlamp has condensation. It is high intensity light. Can it be replaced with halogen?
there is constant condensation in headlight.
My trunk pad just stopped working. Also upon buying my car heat element was broken. About a year later after repair it is broke again.
The car makes a whirring low whining sound in park or drive.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? pressing accelerator
How long have you had this problem? 2 days
i bought my car a 2011 bucik regal CXL in Dec 2016 it now has about 125,600 miles on it, ive had to get three oils changes since i bought the car which i barely drive it enough to need that many oil changes. And now about two weeks ago i had to pay $2,700 for the transmission to be rebuild. It drove fine for about an hour after i left the shop. All of the sudden my check engine light comes back on and now im told i have to pay to get the timing chair and motor replaced. I'm now $10,000 in debt for a car i have only had for a few months and it seems as i'm going to pay more for the car to be drive able. I love buicks thought this car would last me a couple years rather than a couple months. Is there anything from Buick or GM that can help me with these issues or do i need to contact someone about a lemon law?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? everything
How long have you had this problem? couple months
When car overheats seems I have no water flow through heater or radiator.
Seat wiring harness recall possibly shorted out the rear window speakers as well as killed the battery and nav screen nav screen rest shuts off and starts over when rec CDs to hdd and now seat warmer on drive side and rear window speakers don't work. Lost something about a month ago looked under drive seat to find and while pushing the reverse seat button seen sparks since then a recall has been done. My question is will they fix the speakers and seat warmer as well as the wiring harness in the recall and should they not have the parts ready should it be considered undrivesble since the risk of fire and give me a loaner till fixed?
The diagnostic code says p2261 that the turbo charge by pass value stuck and engine light keeps coming on!
I need to replace the vent valve located on top of the canister and I cannot tell how to remove the whole assembly. I see no bolts holding it on just a white clip type thing that seems to keep it in place. The canister moves freely from the clip but with it being in such a tight area I cant see how the remove it.
Unsure how this relates, but headed out of town, stopped to fill up using E85. Still had 1/4 of 89 oct in the tank. 70 miles later engine light comes on and car starts smoking.

Dealer says #4 injector is stuck open & #4 plugs is fouled. Dealer replaced #4 injector & all plugs.
Dealer says #3 injector is now dumping fuel.

What else could cause this problem? I don.t want to pay dealer costs to replace each injector just to find out is was caused by something else.
I'm not familiar with direct injection, but this sounds like it'd have some to do with the engine management system?
I went to dealer for recall to replace balance beam and had the actuator replaced as well. When I took the car back about the noise they are telling me I need the timing chain replaced. It was not making this kind of noise before. The noise starts upon acceleration and gets louder while driving
2.4 L ,exhaust smells like rotten eggs.
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