2001 Buick Regal Questions

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Sometimes the fan won't even turn on but I leave it on position and after driving a 1/4 mile or so it will start blowing hot air! I've replaced the blower motor resistor twice and mechanic says it is blown out and needs replacement again, (last 2 summers) but it only solved problem temporarily. After a few weeks it blows hot air again.
I have gone ahead and repaired all the resistors in the cluster panel, and checked fuses and lights are still not illuminating, I also want to mention that the DIC and Odometer are working properly after fix, I notice dimmer will not work to dim but will control other lights including headlights just fine.
I have been having a problem with the car going into gear for a while now. I was able to get it to go in gear befor by letting it run for awhile and that was ok. Now that doesnt work anylonger. I cant figuar it out. Please help if you can .
Not shifting from 1st to second gear
where is the drain plug for antifreeze 2001 buick regal
Needs to be replaced but not sure where to look. In the fuel tank?
It want adjust on airflow up and down as far as pressure blowing lights come on the control panel but doesnt work except in morning
you can shut it off and sit for awhile and start the engine and it may go another block and come to the next stop sign and shifts to neutral.
Power steering, brakes an the Ignatius key is hard to turn on all the time
where is dip stick under for power steering fluid under hood
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