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I'm looking at a 1999 Buick Regal Gs for sale and the owner says the engine runs hot sometimes because the radiator overflow hose gets a hole rubbed in it by the supercharger pulley. The hose is missing a little ring on it to keep it away from the supercharger and I can easily fix this issue, but for a $1 fix wouldn't he do it? Could this cause the engine to run hot or is he trying to hide another issue? Thanks!
replaced egr, evap valve charcoal canister, vent valve, gas tank fuel pump o ring replace and seal. before that i was getting a 401 and 440 code and engine light on, after fixing the fuel pump leak i am now only getting a 401 code, so what else can i do.
Heater fa n does not work on cold mornings but works fine after work.
Thus I am unable to de-thaw my windshield
All stopped at once when i turned on car one day, radio has the illumination lights on, and when pressing recall, clock shows up but disappears after a few seconds, windows and cab lights stopped working at same time also. Brought it in to get it worked on for an hour because didn't want to put to much money in it, they checked common areas to were some wires break, and communicated with body control module, there guess was to try and replace the radio or body control module because they weren't sure if the BCM was 100% in working order or to check the ground wire to the BCM, any other tips?
I had the intake manifold gasket replaced, should it cost 881.00?
I turn the key for over hour and then it will start but when I try starting it i hear the clicking under glovebox..What could it be. Once i shut car off it does this no starting again. Why is this happening i need to get car figured out.
I noticed headlights are really low barely on just started this issue..
I have a 3800 series II supercharged version. The past few winters I've had the problem of the rpm gauge fluctuating from below 1000 to 2500 and sometimes shuts off if the gas pedal isn't being pushed. This only happens during the winter and normally only when the car hasn't heated up yet. Today it also shut off while waiting on a light and when I turned the key to start it did nothing at all. A few minutes later it turned back on.
Had it serviced but garage employees couldn't reset it.
also making whining clunking noise .sounds like pump how can tell if bad
Replaced belt. Ran fine for about two weeks. Then it came off again. I checked all pulleys to make sure they were not wobbly and spun freely. So I replaced the idler pulley and serpentine belt, again. Ran fine for about 3 or 4 days then the belt came off again.put the belt back on and now the belt comes off with in a minute. But I notice the pulley on the altenator was real hot. Replaced the alternator and got a new idler pulley and new belt. I made sure there was no grease or fluids on all pulleys. I got a new idler pulley, belt and altenator. No pulleys are wobbly every thing clean and dry. And still the belt is coming off. I'm stumped.
Why Does not change gears
I just bought the car and was told it needs a major tune up because it has been sitting for about six months without being started but I have been driving it for three weeks and it runs smoothly until today when it just shut off on me in traffic like I said it will start back up without any problems it just doesn't stay running for more than a few seconds
"Low Tire Pressure" light stays lit all the time, have checked air pressure but it still stays on...It does have the 225/R6016's on all four they are a couple different brands, but same size. What is the fix...

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