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I had the intake manifold gasket replaced, should it cost 881.00?
I turn the key for over hour and then it will start but when I try starting it i hear the clicking under glovebox..What could it be. Once i shut car off it does this no starting again. Why is this happening i need to get car figured out.
I noticed headlights are really low barely on just started this issue..
I have a 3800 series II supercharged version. The past few winters I've had the problem of the rpm gauge fluctuating from below 1000 to 2500 and sometimes shuts off if the gas pedal isn't being pushed. This only happens during the winter and normally only when the car hasn't heated up yet. Today it also shut off while waiting on a light and when I turned the key to start it did nothing at all. A few minutes later it turned back on.
Had it serviced but garage employees couldn't reset it.
also making whining clunking noise .sounds like pump how can tell if bad
Replaced belt. Ran fine for about two weeks. Then it came off again. I checked all pulleys to make sure they were not wobbly and spun freely. So I replaced the idler pulley and serpentine belt, again. Ran fine for about 3 or 4 days then the belt came off again.put the belt back on and now the belt comes off with in a minute. But I notice the pulley on the altenator was real hot. Replaced the alternator and got a new idler pulley and new belt. I made sure there was no grease or fluids on all pulleys. I got a new idler pulley, belt and altenator. No pulleys are wobbly every thing clean and dry. And still the belt is coming off. I'm stumped.
Why Does not change gears
I just bought the car and was told it needs a major tune up because it has been sitting for about six months without being started but I have been driving it for three weeks and it runs smoothly until today when it just shut off on me in traffic like I said it will start back up without any problems it just doesn't stay running for more than a few seconds
"Low Tire Pressure" light stays lit all the time, have checked air pressure but it still stays on...It does have the 225/R6016's on all four they are a couple different brands, but same size. What is the fix...

So the heater on my 1999 Buick regal LS does not work. The fan works fine. And I have not checked DAC. I put a thermometer in the van and because it's winter it goes from like 40° to 45°. The fans were great but the temperature control face is not lit up. any ideas?
Transmission shifter hard to shift button hard to press down
I have a huge variety of electrical issues; window problems, yes, but mainly everything on the dash/console doesn't work but the fuel gauge, the oil temp and the radio do work (I may have forgotten something in that list). Think this may be a ground issue, but don't know where to begin to trouble shoot the problem. VERY FRUSTRATED. Also, I should mention that when I drive over a small bump in the road EVERYTHING lights up for a split second and then goes out again. I'm so tired of driving at night not knowing how fast I'm going with no dash lights!!!! Also, the 'low tire' light has remained on since I had new tires put on my 1999 Buick Regal LS. Had that checked couple of times and no tire is low on pressure/air and the mileage given above is incorrect as that doesn't work either!!! Again, very frustrated. Please help me ....where can I get a diagram showing where all the grounds are located on my car???
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