1995 Buick Regal Questions

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It has battery power,lights it just acts like it's not getting any spark,it has gas in it.
Can a broken a/c pump on a 1995 cutlass supreme prevent the car from being drivable?
Could u drive the 95 buick while the ac pump is broken? Will the car start up & drive while the a\c pump is broken?
there is no ignition, the wont get any signal.
the battery is functional and all lights are functional.
i tried to hot-wire the ignition part then the car started then it stopped.
Took it to a mechanic that said to punch it very hard to make it work, (!) but said otherwise the only solution would be to take the entire dashboard off to get the cd player out, which would cost more than I would want to pay.
I replaced my fuel pump and the fuel filter the car will start for about 10 seconds then dies try to start it again no go. I've replaced the computer the coil packs an electrical sensor spark plugs got a new key but still nothing. I was told it was my anti theft sensor.
When driving the car,sometimes only about five miles, it just shuts off, then it wont start till it sits for a few hours then it will start up. Sometimes it will go a short distance,about five miles, with no problems but after being there a short time, about fifteen minutes, it wont start back up. This started out only happening occasionally and now it is a daily thing. The time of day doesn't matter.
I have to move the gear back in forth to work itwont even move in neutral
My brake lights dont work unless my high beams are on and i have checked into this issue and noticed that it could be a few things i heard that ut is possible to be a turn signal switch but i dont want to replace that if its not whats wrong any ideas on how i could check this or what else i could do to fix this problem?
My abs light is on and brake light is on checjed had no brake fluid added that then tried to drive it to get the brake fluid in the lines cane back let it sit and opened up brake fluid none again and none on the ground and brakes go to the floor i have no idea what it can be they do stop but no preassure ib the brake pedal i need thia fixed asap please help
battery is new and they checked the starter said it was ok. Could the coil be bad and that's why sometimes it starts and other times it won't
Engine light is on, have replaced both oxygen sensors and the throttle position sensor. This made the vehicle idle much better, but it will still cut out when accelerating.
Have not worked since I bought the the car.
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