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The problem started this morning 05/27/2016. The car has 0ver 1000 miles to go before next service is due.
My car stalls while driving and it takes a few minutes to restart. I replaced the fuel pump and filter and plugs and wires... Used fuel injector cleaner and lucus gas treatment but no help. Car is 1994 Buick Regal and can't seem to get a diagnostic test due to the year. Help.
Replaced spark plugs and wires, fuel filter.. No help.
dash board indicator is normal, but engine gets hot in hot weather.
All other windows work from their local switch and the driver's door switch. Prior to total failure, the driver's window had gone down a couple times and would not go back up. Opening & shutting the door a few times seemed to fix it until it quit altogether.
Fuel pump not coming on help please

it smells like its running hot but its really not after going for about a 5 mile ride i noticed smoke coming from under the hood when i raised it a lot of smoke was coming from up under the front part if the motor i cant tell if anything is leaking please help...i've been smelling the smell of something running hot for about a week but today was the first day of seeing smoke .and also the driver side of the motor looks wet.
1994 Buick regal custom. 3800 v6. Just started or at least just noticed it. 260,000 miles on engine and live on steep mountain that gets engine almost redline hot Every time for past 5 months
after driving 20 minutes or so the "check gauge" indicator comes on; not losing oil, no holes in line, but car will randomly cut off; mechanic say that we need the oil pressure sensor
This is a constant issue for the past 6 months. It happens under different situations. Ideling, driving slow, on highway, cold, warm. it doesn't seem to be consistent with any particular condition. New battery. Alternator was removed & tested fine. battery connections are clean. Grounds seem to have good contact. Check engine light stays on. When volts drop, gauge does not react either way when increasing rpms. This has never affected start up. However today while idling at a light, voltage dropped, car died & would not restart. Acted as if battery was drained. Jump started immediately. Turned key off & the car started on its own fine. Strong battery. After about an hour, car wouldn't start again., as if dead battery. I have been driving for months with this voltage fluctuation but today is the first time it stalled & wouldn't restart. can the alternator work intermittently? Are there fusible links that could have intermittent connection?
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