2006 Buick Rainier Questions

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How to change the front end differential
How to change the front end differential
Sometimes if I'm able to open and shut rear hatch and open and close drivers door than I can start it.
It's smoking out the tailpipe and it's shaking.
Rear end always sits lower than the front. Is this the suspension? What specifically?
This light just came on.
Started after i replaced ball joints. I replaced vc shaft but didnt help.
Been sitting this winter. No power to drivers door panel
Labor time and cost for rear suspension conversion?
I have checked all fuses, and read everything I could about it and have figured nothing out. All speakers are hooked up as far as I can tell.
it sounds like its rubbing. I have a 2006 buick rainier awd
When I step on the gas, there is a high pitched sound that comes out of the speaker. Sometimes it is a loud buzzing noise and if I turn off the radio then it is quieter. It doesn't happen all the time.
you can hear very low but can't turn it at full volume it is not any louder then all the way down.
My AC won't work in the front. The rear will work, front will if you are driving on the highway. The blower motor has been replaced still won't blow out the front unless moving. What do I do now? Rear air suspension goes down especially on the drivers side (when cold, rainy or sitting) sometimes it will stay up and others it won't air back up. Usually have to sit and let it run before driving so that it will air up. If there is weight in the back it tends to not air up or if it does it takes a while longer. How do I fix this?
I just had transmission fix was input gear . So I'm sure battery was unplug , what could have happened
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