2005 Buick Rainier Questions

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Is this expensive to repair? When I am driving in a straight line, it is ok. It hasn't effected mileage. Every time I try to make a sharp turn, it seems the wheels jerk. Is this going to be an expensive repair? Another issue is the rear air shocks loose air. When car is running, it seems like rear end goes up again. I never hear the load levelers working anymore. Thanks for your help. I'm a 74 year old female widow and need some advice. Thank you for your help.
Head lights, park light, dome lights will not shut off after engine in cut off.
Then sometimes the light will not come on. What could be wrong and an
approx. estimate.
Lights are staying on. Last night had to unplug battery cable Then at time they won't come on. This is intermittingly.
Air will come out the defroster and feet but not out the vents. No issues with fan speeds or volume of air.
Still has power to the rest of the vehicle , after it cools off 15 minutes or so will start back up and run normal for a while
Our rear air suspension leaks air all the time. When we turn car on it airs up but shortly after our car is sagging again and driving like a low rider. It is really bouncy and uncomfortable, not to mention super embarrassing. After doing research it looks like this is a very common problem. So There should be a recall. Is there a way to complain to the company so maybe they will listen and do a recall on this. Becuase it is very costly to fix.
Blower motor stays on

What do it look like.
first blower started to go off intermitently now wont come on at all.

Rear blower works.

Freezing here! Help!

Cant afford to be buying electrical parts if not the problem.

Could it be as simple as a resistor?
2005 buick ranier cxl 6 cyl been like that for 2 weeks or more now ..replaced dim bulbs wont come on, old ones were fine , but new still dont work,i have brights tho, what could be the problem ? checked fuses replaced , still no dim lights , very frustrated , love my ranier , not so much now tho .also heated seats back only works on drivers side ,been 6 months now no one knows what can be the problem . no seat bottom heat > cant find fuse for them ,is there a separate fuse for bottom and back heated seats ? help please,,FRustrated in ga ......
After a while it raises back old buick mechanic says the air bags are probably dry rotting. could he be right and if so what is estimate cost to replace.
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