2004 Buick Rainier Questions

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My car won't turn over but all the lights come on and the automatic doors will not unlock or lock the radio won't come on the ABS light the engine light and the battery light are all on. It has a brand new battery in it and a brand new starter and the alternators okay so could it be a fuse or what
2004 Buick Rainer
What can I check. The pump runs but that rear is not lifting. What can I do.
The lift gate latch is messing up and has a hard time latching...even when it is latched I can not open the lift glass...I push the button and it won't release. How do I unlock the lift glass. When the lift gate is latched.
the pump, lines pulley, and cooler are dry. the leak appears heavy moving towards the fire wall maybe around the rack and pinion.. what could be causing me to lose all my fluid in that area
wont go into awd no lights or check eng on ever thing else works perfect
ABS Brake system light is on
Bags don't leak and pump works so it seems it has to be the sensors. Am I correct?
Rear end is jacked up as high as it will go and rides terribly.
Checked fuses, all ok. What else can I check?
Speedometer does not register how fast you are going or if you are going maybe 45 mph it will say you are going 95-100. Also fuel gauge goes up and down when you are driving. The passenger side mirror will not stay set
All vents blow air into the cabin with exception of the ones actually on dash facing you. Even the ones facing the door by Windows work. Any ideas on issue or location of where to look??
Sometimes the sound works, could it be a loose connection? Is there a wire scamatic available?
All lights come on in dash.
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