2004 Buick Park Avenue Questions

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The box is on the side of the seat and in a vinyl enclosure that is normally within the seat. Now it is hanging out. Not sure if something broke or what?
After all lights came on took it to shop thoughto it was alternator shop said everything was fine it was my cluster panel need replace and they had to order one but car is running fine and I shouldn't have problems driving it. I pick it up drove it 1 day my lights would come on and off radom lights then that night lights got den and car die. What is it I only had car 3 months now
The light on the dash goes on but the drivers side seat does not heat up.
On bumps it moves to the right and feels out of control for a second.
The car was damage at the front. Need to get this airbag computer to replace or regenerate . Where i can found? Thank you
Someone took my plugs out so where or how do I get them right
What is the furring order for Buick park ave
How do I put spark plugs in so they will be the rightfireingorder
What is the right firing order so I can put the Spark plugs in right
The tranny shutters a lot on acceleration. I can feather the gas pedal and smooth it out or shift to 3rd gear and it will run smoothly. Read some articles on how to reset the trans control module if only I knew where to look for it.
Last week I repaired the resistors for the vacuum florescent display and this after noon it started.
recently started riding very stiff on the back. had checked at two dealerships . one thought might be wrong shock. the other said compressor was not working. don't know what to do next. whats wrong
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