2003 Buick Park Avenue Questions

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have changed fuel pump, fuel filter, checked all coil packs put in new battery

i replace the alt after i was done the batt lite stay on its charging i have the car running but batt lite stays on

It will only go backwards will not go forward

I have a Buick park avenue ultra super charged motor

When I purchased the car the car dealership could not find the key so they had a locksmith come out and rekey it. Now the rekeyed key has been lost but the original key was found. When put the key in it turns on and lights and radio work but will not crank the car. Is there something I can do to get the key to work again to start the car without having to call a locksmith?

The dark shading has "peeled" away.

My dash lights blink from dim to bright every so often and my DIC memory vehicle personalization is no longer working, on the passenger side only parts of the elect. seat works, and some time the car stall when I first try to start, Also my ac/heater fan is not working. Is there any way this is all related? Or at least some of it for this just started and seams like all at the same time.

Sounds like I'm being hit from the back when shifting into gears. When going up a hill from stop car slowly and roughly chugs up the hill with the gas pedal almost to the floor. It seems like it drives alright when the car has just been turned on and then maybe 30 minutes or so the transmission starts to bang into each gear.

It also has a slight rumbling also

This problem started a month ago. It will cruise fine at 75, but accelerating to cruising speed, it feels like only 5 cylinders are hitting. The vacuum gauge reads a steady 20 at idle. Since it started missing, I've done the following: 1)changed the fuel filter, 2) changed the spark plugs, 3)changed the plug wires, 4) replaced the entire coil pack. The air filter was just replaced a month ago.

there is no oil leakage shown on engine, none on floor where is it going? does it matter what kind of oil I use? I am using ams oil