2002 Buick Park Avenue Questions

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I was driving it and all of a sudden it died now it won't start we turn the key and it turns over but won't start .
I was charged 220.00 I'm labor costs and the same amount for a tensioner assembly. Am being told I was ripped off. What should the cost have been?
The actuator seems to be stuck on the windshield postion. How to repair it?
Move at all put it in gear and nothing
What would cause the transmission on the Buick 2002 Park Avenue to start making a thud noise when it shifts gears? My car has just started doing that since the transmission fluid was replaced a little over a month ago. The problem is not apparent when the car is cold. But after it warms up, it becomes very apparent.
The needle goes all the way aroung and stopes at the left peg.
I started having problems last month with my air condition. Cool air comes out on the passenge side but not the driver's side, just hot air. The mechanic said the main control switch was out and I would have to take it to a dealership.
I noticed this for awhile now. Resolves when I apply pressure and then release. It's never happened while driving: Thank goodness! What could be the cause of this?
The rotors literally broke into chunks and fell out of the beak system. My husband is concerned with what kind of casing system for the breaks and rotors is on the car that he may change the rotors himself.
It does smooth out when you give it more gas..
Continuious air in coolant system changed water pump, thermostat bypassed heater core becuz no heat and leaking seems like bleeding doesn't help.
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