2001 Buick Park Avenue Questions

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brand new battery, no corrosion on cables, been checked by 3 shops one being an electrical shop. cant find anything wrong. car can go weeks without any problems and then not start days in a row and has to be jumped. had micro amps checked 3 times. alternator,starter and battery all check out fine. new radio but when this started happening i unpluged the radio fuse under back seat and car still died. PLEASE HELP- GOING BROKE AND CANT REMEDY THIS PROBLEM. 118,000 MILES
Changed fuel pump & filter, fuel pump relay, checked fuses, crank senser , battery and none of those seems to be the problem. My security light also would come on while car was being driven. Now car wont crank at all. Fuel pump will not come on when you turn ignition switch.
replaced the hub bearing and noticed that the stabilizer bar was disconnected . replaced the bushings on both sides. ran fine for about 700 miles - then can the wobble. lifted the car and checked the hub bearings and tie rod ends- there was no play. anything that I may have missed ?? Please help !!!!
Need to know if I need a tail light switch or module or replace light and twilight control switch.
Checked code due to stall at highway speed- it cut out then restarted itself.. Bought new air filter and a can of cdc mass airflow cleaner.. Due to pick up daughter and stalled again after doing a left turn- started right up. After picking her up no problems.. After doc. appointment-went onto highway to see if it would stall again- started to loss power- took next exit then the car stalled- put into neutral- started right up.. Any type of test to verify that this the problem??? could it be something else that would kick off code p 0102?
gets pretty loud, also fan for air will work for a little bit then quits
Severe shimmy when applying brekes
When tank is low, fluctuates more than at higher levels. Thank you!
when driving highway miles cruise control device does'nt kick in when pressed
can this be done myself after a dealer delivers the new key
but not when moter is unpluged
How do I remove the glove compartment box?
Model is with the Supercharged Engine
It was jerking and not starting, it jerked when driving it on the road. Our mechanic replaced the wires, plugs and the mass air flow sensor. Still jerking?
I am ASE mechanic as side job.
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