2001 Buick Park Avenue Questions

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Are there any other similar body types, like lasbare, or regale that will work for the Buick park avenue? The years would have to be different also. I have no idea. But I just need to get a replacement door. My Buick is a park ave 01
Drivers side door open and I need a lock for the trunk I'm not good at the web help please email me if you can help me
How to open the drivers side door on my 2001buick park avenue
So I got the codes for either erg or fuel sensor. I put gas in earlier and filled it up. It stopped at full. I get in and gas gage is barely changed. I put gas again later and it says it's full. My instinct is the feul issue. Any ideas
The car also has a whine in the front passenger side.
will go into 2 ans 1 once i get rolling i go to 3 and car shift fine
Ran rough then would not start. All ignition/start fuses & ralays ok no codes...
Can feel cold/hot air at vents but not forced by blower. Worked randomly sporadically through summer.Not worked at all for 2 wks.
Feel warmth through vents.Concerned about keeping windshield cleaned off.This summer,air off&on whenever.Last 2 wks,heat won't come on.When change settings/temp,etc can hear movement in dash & instrument panel lights work but no forced air.
The heater fan. Where is it? On outside where engine is or under dash? Fan/blower comes on only when it wants to.Can you help me?
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