2001 Buick Park Avenue Questions

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Car over heating
Check engine light stays on
Just wondering
Need to know
Just wondering
Anti theft system won’t let tha crook start it up to steal it?
Just want to know that it won’t mess anything up
I heard it was OK to do that
Just want to know
Will part of the switch go bad on the drivers door or if it goes bad will nothing work? It's on a 2001 Buick Park Avenue Ultra
Nothing on the drivers door is working. Code U1160 comes up on the scan tool. All other windows and locks worked by there own switch at first but now none of them work. Seats still work fine, nothing on the drivers door works. Scan tool says drivers door module lost communication.
Checked connectivity for all ground and hot wires and there's energy but nothing comes on but if I hook up jumper cables everything comes on but no start and when I take them off and no power PLEASE HELP
this car really jumps left when hitting a bump, I hear an air pump when it initially starts so I take it it has an air ride system
check engine light is on and it hasn't showed any codes. I would appreciate any information.
I have replaced both bright and normal headlights and still the bright lights won't work but the symbol on dashboard is lit as if they are on, anytime the headlights are on the symbol is also when I try to turn them on and off it doesn't make the click sound to activate like it used to
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