2000 Buick Park Avenue Questions

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Is it located under the hood on the firewall or inside the car??
last year no ac on drivers side. now no ac.
lights and tail lights running lights will not go off, have to jump everytime i get in.
it may blow heat shut car off come back start car and it may blow heat or it may blow cold air
blows air where you set but all cold no hot
the shifter is hard to put in gear
I have run power directly to the compressor and found it works. I have swaped out parts I took off another PA that was scraped with a blown engine. I know that system worked and I took all the parts and wires except struts. Still nothing. I had to put in a new battery last week. It pressured up and exausted once and has not worked since. Have not had time to try disconnecting the battery again.
74000 miles, tires have 30,000 on them, still good tread.
I cannot determine if I am in drive/neutral etcs.... Also my trip gauge does not work.
I got a new alternator a new battery and a new feul pump. And it still shuts off I dont know whats wrong. When im driving I try and press the gas but it acts like it doesnt want to switch gears then it stalls and cuts off. And will not cut back on. And while im trying to cut it back on it drains my battery after like 10 min.
The code i got was p0101, changed mass air flow and still reads same code.
started 3 days ago. some hesitation when going from stop to acceleration. Now will not pull in drive at all,but runs ok in 2&1 gear. transmission fluid OK
just aquired had no key so had dealer make me on, went home to program and the security light is on the whole time and wont do nothing
Actuator on passenger side is ok as it was checked. What could be the problem?
how do i replace the radiator
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