2000 Buick Park Avenue Questions

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The car just decided not to start one day because of the security system.The rest of the security system seem's to function normal.
the shop says the sensor in installed and it just needs "miles" put on the car. An engine fire required the engine work. After 300+ miles it STILL isn't reset. Any ideas?
Some times digital readout stays steady at 192 but when it starts to drop to -17 and back up to 192 the engine starts to surge. I have changed the temp sensor below the thermostat, but the problem still remains. Any help with where to start next? No codes are showing up on my scanner. As soon as the car comes up to temp it starts surging. Have to hold the brake to keep car from running away or above the speed limit.
Where is the cylinder located and how much it would cost to fix it?
My Engine computer went out on me when i was driven at first i didnt know what the problem was i tryed to get a computer reading on it and it would not i bought a used Engine computer to replace the old one and now i need to know how to program the new 1 it came from the same make and model 1 that i have your help would be gratefully appreciated thank u
Every now and then after first start driving every light on the car, head lights and interer, will flicker bright and dim. at the same time the car jerks. even with the gas peddle pressed to the floor it will jerk and the rpm will jump between 2-7 and the speed between 10 and how ever fast I want to be going.
At times, I find a small puddle of water (it's definitely not coolant, oil, or any other liquid like that) that's dripped from the undercarriage of my car. Also, for the past couple of days, I noticed that my coolant reservoir was bone dry. I filled it up on a Saturday, only to have to fill it up, again, on Tuesday. (Now, before filling it up on Saturday, I forgot all about even checking the coolant reservoir for about two weeks or so.) Is this normal? I only filled up the coolant reservoir on Saturday since I saw that the temperature gauge was reading a bit higher than normal. Stopped into Walmart to pick up coolant, then completely filled up the reservoir. I've checked both the upper and lower radiator hoses, and can find no leaks there or anywhere to or from the radiator. Again, can see no coolant on the ground the next morning when I get into the car for work, but there will be, at times, just plain water. I don't know what's going on.
The problem occurs on every hill. Took Buick to several mechanics and got several different solutions. From computer problems to transmission/tork converter. But know one was really sure.
bought new climate control unit still wont work,what else could it be
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