2000 Buick Park Avenue Questions

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It seems as it's aproblem with the security system.
stabilization light comes on frequently and car seems to lose power in curves or turns.
Cant get mileage car wont crank
Has plenty of coolant but gage stopped working about 2 weeks ago. Why?
Wife arrived home, parked car, and immediately security light began blinking. upon cutting engine, the steering wheel, ignition, and shift all locked up at once, Security light has gone off after bout 30 minutes. But blinks when door is open. Please help! Thank u in advance!
-Tediously Troubled-

Would there be a hose that burst?
Car was running but needed a water pump and intake gaskets UT after it was put back together it is not getting any fire to spark plugs
started car this AM to move and shut off. quickly went to restart to let warm and its dead. has all electric but nothing when key is turned. tried jump..nothing, disconnected positive terminal to reset computer and tried and still nothing.
Heater just up and quit
Instead the a/c is on. Also the entire lighting in the interior work
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