1999 Buick Park Avenue Questions

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I have had trouble with my heating and air since having the engine replaced. I had no air on either side, then I got the vaccum lines cleaned and the system charged. Now, I have no heat on the driver's side, but I do on the passenger side.
I just bought a 99 Park Ave. It doesn't have any check engine lights on. The cruise light comes on when starting. I have checked the brake lights and VSS. I hooked up my scanner but my software doesn't offer any cruise functions. I disconnected the battery and still nothing when I try to use the cruise. Any help would be appreciated.
what does it mean when my check engine light flashes 38 times on my 1999 buick park avenue
How long have you had this problem? 1day
i dont know any codes its happene d before I dont know how the tech opened it
a complete tune up
We had the a/c replaced but it won't change automatically from cold to heat. It's not a blend door or actuator problem but might be called a programmer for a/c which costs about $1500.
Never open since I bought it
My car keeps bogging down and has even shut off while driving. Thought I would start with the spark plugs but I can't get to the back three, do I have to rock the engine or what? my car is also an Ultra.
Just bought it and guy who had it said it had a tune up with plugs and wires in the last year.
It just stopped going while driving with no warning of any problems. Engine runs good. Wasn't driven much for several years have had to replace some dry rotted gaskets and air intake valve is all. only 101,000 miles.
The key does not have the raised chip.
My brother was replacing 02 sensor when left on ramps for 3 days. Engine running fine now but when I drive a short distance the transmission stops working. Shut the car off give it a few min start it up and drive short distance same thing happens. Had filters & fluid changed. Still have same problem. I was told that is was most likely another sensor. Is this possible? Has anyone else had this problem?
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