1998 Buick Park Avenue Questions

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Need rear pads replacement but problem with calipers prevent me to do my job. Should I overhaul calipers or replace it?

My car died in traffic the other day. It restarted but died again and when it did start,it idled rough then smooth then die again. I eventually made it home which took a couple of hours because it dies every other mile. The next day it runs smooth for a couple of minutes then idle rough and dies. I replaced the fuel pump but not the fuel filter and the same results. Could it be the filter?

No matter outside are cold or warm, it has rough idle sometimes and any speed sometimes. It may go around 7 miles with no problem then it is suddenly decrease rpm slightly for a second. So I changed new spark plugs and install new sparks plugs wire kit. Add new fuel filter, heet, octane plus, and injector cleaner but all failed to solve a problem. After nearly empty my gas tank, add premium gas and it won't help, too. I know it is more difficult while an Check engine light is still off but a light is working. Now it is 181,000 miles. Any suggestion. Thank you.

when i turn the heater on the fan will not blow. this is something that just started.can this be a conection, or a fuse problem?

I checked the fuse box and the fuses are all good. I've replaced all the bulbs in my tail lights and they still don't work.

Excellent maint. began running in 3rd qtr Hot range occasionally for past 5 mos Only while City driving. Never reached 'Red' zone! on 9/21 so close to Red zone, cut it off while idling at light and it would not restart. pushed off road. Professional diagnosed as head gasket blown due to driving hot & Fluid mixed w oil in engine. bc of mileage Not worth repair costs; eng rplcmt approx $4k. Mechanic friend recommends leak sealant product used successf'ly several times. Found similar product online--'Steelseal'. GOOD OR BAD IDEA!

I have changed my battery and alternator twice within 6 months. My battery indicator light will fluctuate from 12-14 as I'm driving. In addition the lights on my dash board, head lights and brake lights flicker continuously. This will happen daily every time I drive, then after about 2 1/2 to three months the car will die on me as I'm driving or it simply will not start.

no fir to starter and fuel pump. all fuses good and all relays good