1998 Buick Park Avenue Questions

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Lost ingnition key . Removel of ingnition without key
interior lights blew and airbag light stays on need to find fuse box inside the car
It was working then just stoped.
I replaced the starter and alternator battery is good cables are good lights work signals work interior lights work but it just won't click over it just makes a clicking sound when you start it
How long have you had this problem? A couple weeks
Kind of chugs & doesn't pick up speed
today the air started out on the mid vents than after 5 min switched to floor vents than defrost
Not sure where the mode door acuator is located
I replaced the climate control module and programmer. Ac still defaults to defroster and floor when set to mid vents
I have had the car in three difference shops and no one can find out why. I start the car in my drive way and I can let it run for an hour or more with no trouble. If I drive it down the road it will blow a modules and i will have to have it towed to a shop.
Car want turn over just cut off while driving
Buick park Ave 1998
what is trouble code p0401 and how to fix it?
When trying to start it drains the battery.In fact I charged the battery and eventually it ran out of juice again.Normally when turning the ignition even if it doesn't start it sound strong while trying to crank up.But now it sound very weak when trying to crank up.
Put a quart of brake fluid in and it leaked out. Saw the hole. Car is in great shape otherwise. This just started. Car has been sitting and no one was driving it.
i am getting no spark to all cylinders, no codes showing
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