1997 Buick Park Avenue Questions

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My engine has stopped functioning. It's over due for an oil change. About 2 weeks ago the engine/car started making a taka-taka noise, like something was hitting against something. And yesterday, it stopped working while my brother was on the free way.

I added 3 qts of motor oil last night and it still wouldn't work this morning. It sounds like it's gasping for air (as if it were the battery--which was replaced in October) and than a metal scraping on metal noise(high pitched).

What can it be? Is the engine? Or alternator? Or have I ruined my car for good?

My Buick Park Avenue Ultra (Supercharger) has air shocks on the rear. Is the estimate for rear shocks that is shown for rear shocks; is it the estimated price for air shocks also?

Thanks Munkyrench!!! The schematic (#7)and the image of the broken part are dead on, these sites would not allow me to retrieve the part # Could I ask of You one more time? Thanks Again, Pam

This part is located on the left (driver) side, in front of the transmission and behind the radiator. A "V" shaped bracket with 2 points bolted to the same chassie rail under the trans/engine and the third bolted to the foward rail behind the radiator. The foward point encases a rubber square which a bolt is inserted thru stabelizing the trans and motor.
4 parts stores have looked at the part and do not have stock or access. I am told with a part # the part can be ordered. PLEASE don't guess I am requesting serious help. Thanks, Pam

What ever this part is; it is broken on my car. Located behind the radiator on the driverside and bolted to the chassie, this V shaped bracket houses a rubber square with a round hole in the center. Can this rubber insert be replaced? The trans is secured with one bolt thru the round hole preventing the engine and the trans from rocking when the motor is started. This part DOES exist... What is the part number and where could I purchase one? My dealer thinks I'm nuts!

My car is running hotter than normal. After driving for about 20min it starts to heat up to 200-205. If I slow down or stop the car heats up to 205-210

I have changed the thermostate, flushed the coolant, and check the water pump. I'm not sure what else it could be. What should I check next?

Can you recommend a shop in Dallas TX that has experience in replacing superchargers on Buicks?

driver side stays hot replaced vent control module and a door acturator

How do you replace the heater core. I am looking for instruction to see if I could do it myself with average mechanical ability or I should take it to a garage

Transmission shifts nice and smooth when cold. However, after driveing for half an hour or so each gear shifts with a bang. I have even described the shiftd as running over a railroad tract at about 30 mph. The condition is progressive from cold to hot. Im not refering to weather temp. when describing hot or cold.

i have replaced battery

Tranny shifts fine all gears cold but shifts as though going over car counter cables when hot. bang, bang, bang

My car dings after opening the door as if my keys are still in the ignition. The side and rear running lights also remain on until the system resets (20 min). After closing the door and then opening it back up, the dinging continues. I am not sure If I need to replace the lock assembly or the actual lock electrical assembly or both. What's the deal? Thanks!