1996 Buick Park Avenue Questions

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A few weeks ago when I was driving my car both of my running taillights went out and haven't worked since. The brake lights work, just no running taillights at night or day. It seems to be an electrical problem. I have a 1996 Buick Park Avenue. Any advice on this would be much appreciated!!
replaced the diode and the lights still stay on when driving
pulled switch out and still stays on while driving.
Car starts ok at first.If I go to store and come back and try to start it, it just cranks but no start..I replaced fuel filter about a month ago and it seemed to work for me..left car at my sons house and problem started over again .when car is on,if you floor it it seems to almost turn off.thanks
I have a 1996 Buick Park Avenue Ultra 3.8 Liter. The car has been missing and the Check engine light is staying on now for a couple of months. I had the car checked and was first told to use a Mass airflow sensor cleaner on it. After I used the spray,the symptoms stopped for 1 day and then returned. When I had the car checked I was given 2 code numbers that it came up with. Code # 102 and 171. I was told I should replace the Mass Air Flow Sensor. With the 2 different codes does that mean 2 different sensors? Are the sensors easy to replace? Thanks
Daughter drove it home about 20 miles, sat untill she turned 18, about 8 months. We put a new battery in it cranks but wont fire. Sprayed starter fluid and fires a few seconds then nada. Could it be the relay or does it have a fuse? Also took off fuel filter, think its ok but no flow when its being cranked. Thank you
A year ago my HVAC control deck stopped working but it would kick on for a moment after hitting a bump. The blower blows constantly, we've replaced the deck and the programmer but it hasn't worked... Has anyone had this problem?
It will shift and n to 4th gear. Why want it shift 2nd and 3rd
On passenger side
every night if i dont unplug it.
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