1995 Buick Park Avenue Questions

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I have replaced the MAF, fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator and the coolant temperature sensor. I have to use the 2-foot method to drive it down the road. The car will not stay idling. Check engine light comes on after a few seconds. No noises or leaks. Fuel pump checks out good. Maybe the fuel sensor?
I have a Park Avenue Buick 1995 and my oil gauge goes to close to zero and the red light comes on like it is about to shut off but I have to put it in neutral and then I would have to hit the gas so the gauge goes up why do I have to or what is going on with this car I say to myself I changed the oil . when I slow down it still goes close to zero but I do not know why when I get a oil change the gauge still goes down to 0 after going a few miles like I was going to work it still goes to close to the zero and the red lights start to flicker.
We just replaced the water pump and after installing the water pump, the car will not run. We thought the crank shaft position sensor may have gotten damaged so it was replaced also. Its getting electricity to the coil packs but no spark at the plugs. Coil packs and ignition control module were replaced approx. 2 yrs ago. The OBD-2 scanner we have keeps giving a link error message. No blown fuses or relays. Car was running fine aside from slight water leak and occasional overheating in traffic until the water pump change. What could be keeping it from running? Please help!
Where do i cut access panel to fuel pump 1991 park ave
Was told it could be the torque converter doesn't sound right to me
I can't find where the power steering is located
Heat comes on drivers side and cool on passenger
Heater blows air but no heat. Coolant fine and thermostat shows 195*. It has climate control thermostat.
All dash lights came on car rolled to a stop. Try to start again. Engine turn over couple times. The power started clicking. Battery volts only showed 8. Light were very dim. When car was running output was at 13. What is wrong?
It has 256,261 miles
My security light keeps going off and on and sometimes off and sometimes on to where people are saying that that's the problem of my battery dying
First it was hard to get it out of park then reverse would only work once in a while and now all gears only work once in a while
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