1994 Buick Park Avenue Questions

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replaced crank sensor did not help. One mechanic said it could be a ignition module. The buick dealer says it is an overheated "lock up" transmission.
I'm changing cam sensor connector trying to find out where does the abc wire go to on the harness
My 1994 park avenue has 60,000 miles on it and has never had a problem shifting. Today, it had a wet spot under transmission area and when I drove it, it shifted fine except it wouldn't shift into high gear. I just had it in repair shop getting rear brakes fixed and tires put on it, oil change. Please, help.
time between restarts is shorter now. now starts,fires and quits
With the old radio it changes channels it changes the volume. Changes from am the fm. Why is it doing this
most sensors replaced
was stalling once in a while could restart and would run for a long while. now hot weather it is stalling more often and now when first started does start and stall 2to 3 times then runs
starts and runs, will suddenly qit , go to neutral, shut ignition off &will run again, first start in am or pm, will start then quit, restart and quit ,restart give a pump and runs. all this is intermittantly with no warning.
need to find out if the pump works or problem is with shocks or lines
This is the 3rd time in the shop
first time they changed the harmonic balancer then the crank senor both times it ran fine until the next morning then like now it won't start.
stopped working one day, cant see fuse that links to it, had someone try replace cluster board, still not work
What do I need to do buy a engine or can someone help me with a reasonable fair price (estimation) of prices
Should I change transmission shift solenoids
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