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Trans slips and it was smoking really bad after starting. This was after anti theft mode was bypassed. We put in new oil and trans fluids only to discover each addition of trans fluid ended up in with the motor. Due to excessive smoke we thought trans fluid was getting burnt off. How to fix trans fluid in motor oil and why does this occur.. Curiosity question as person told me I could put vegetable oil in emergency for trans fluid. I live in the middle of desert but since it's draining into motor oil that didn't sound like a good idea. Can you do thus
all brake lines bad and don't know what size in or how much I need
When driving car will accelerate by itself and put it in neutral to stop and shut car off when restarted it acts normal
When driving car will accelerate by itself. Put in neutral to stop and shut car off. Restarted it acts normal.
I have not seen any inner tie rods for the rear
i separated the tie rod and back of the lock nut but it seems like the end is stuck.
The only things that were touched were the Idle control sensor and the few vacuum lines in the way of getting to the bolts. The sensor looked great, no carbon build up. Please give me an idea as to what may have happened to go wrong now?
Like when I make a right turn it cuts off it does it for a while then it does OK but lately it cuts off all the time and cranks right back up've.been.smelling.a.strong.odor.of.gas.too.I'
just got a new supercharge but rpmx wont pick up an neither will the car. its like its loosing air. when i press the gas down it wont even do anything unless i barely press it and hold it steady.. anybody know whats wrong?
Changed the fuel filter and it ran well for half an hour now it won't even start.
has to warmup 10 min then its fine thought filter was cause is there a sensor on tranny
will work but can't find one. No longer made. How can I get this fixed? Can't drive without defroster
I was wondering if you could tell me where I can find DIY instrustions on interior restoring, replace liner and images of installation and removal of the sunroof-moonroof
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