1992 Buick Park Avenue Questions

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Installed new blower after old one seized. New blower would not activate. Also replaced burned BCM connector. Still no blower activity. blower works when bypassing BCM with jumper wire. Gray/black wire shows 7.9V at all fan speed settings.

They both stopped working over a month ago. Now I can't get my car to start
or jumpstart

The electrical part works, I see a second, "cruise" on the dashboard, but the CC under the hood does nothing, I can crush it with one hand, and I hear the sound of a smoker's lung.
If anyone can help me, I stay in KY (Morehead) until July 15
I will speak about the air conditioning later, but it is not easy because English is not my mother tongue.
Thank you in advance

My wire and I just purchased we put new batteries in key fob now security goes off lights and horn for about 5 minutes took out batteries stopped horn but security light remains on is this normal?????

The car has been running and should be at temperature, but it only shows 150 degrees or so. SORT of cold/warm. Could my heater core be clogged or what?

I left my dome lights on for a hour or so (accidently) and when I shifted into reverse gear the automatic pull down trunk lid poped open. When I turned off the dome lights the problem corrected itself.
This has occurred three times in the last ten years (I'm a slow learner). Is this a built in safety system to let you know your dome lights are on?

Electric antenna works fine. Delco am/fm cassett player. Where should I start?

It will even pop open when I pass reverse, putting it in park for example. I got home by reversing, placing the car in neutral, putting on the e-brake, shutting the trunk and then driving home. It popped open again when I put it in park.

I have nothing blowing inside the car. I hear the compressor kicking in but no air inside vehicle. It started about 2 months ago.

I checked the power and there is current.

I tested the inition module and the coils but this is ok

I want to check the crank position sensor but I dont know how i can do it

What is the removal procedure order when replacing the rear exhaust manifold?

I cut a hose clamp off of the metal transmission return coolant line and it put a hole in the line. I need to know if that line connects to the outside of the transmission, or do I need to take the transmission out to fix it.Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks