2011 Buick Lucerne Questions

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Bullet hole on passenger side of door, lower half of door
Occasionally when slowing to make a turn or coming to a stoplight and then accelerating the engine rpms increase but the transmission delays engaging and then hard shifts into a lower gear. I do not want to go to a general repair shop but a transmission specialist.
Clunking sound on passenger side especially on rough roads 20-40 mph.. also, a shudder in steering column when making sharp right turn. not as pronounced in damp weather
What seems to make the problem better or worse? dry weather, rough roads
How long have you had this problem? bot car in April 2016, continuous since purchase, but worsening
when ever we try to start car the steering wheel has to be in the down position be the car will start
at 60 mph the car vibrates, shimmeys.
Should my right side view mirror tilt downward when PARK ASSIST is ON and I start to BACK UP?
Taking the car in monday, not sure where the oil is coming from,but suspect its the crankshaft seal.
they all resdy change oil pan gasket and intake gasket and still leak need help please tanks
they do not know how to fix this ongoing problem since 2009. I have had the car at the dealer 3 times and still leaking oil. I am requesting a new replacement for my car. I only had about 5,000 miles when it 1st started leadking oil. I have had nothing but trouble with this car. With oil leak, tires and etc. I love the car, though. It drives good and smooth. Help
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