2006 Buick Lucerne Questions

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My car is being repaired. And i need coolant bows 2. My car kept running hot.
After being jump started I lost all the sounds - radio, turns, approaching objects, seat belts, etc.
This happened when we were in Cades Cove, Tenn. Everything is fine. We get back in the car and try to start it and nothing happens, it will not come out of park. Hours later the mechanic turns the key and the car starts. Cannot find a problem. Also have dinging that goes off randomly for no reason.
2006 Buick Lucerne with 97000 miles. vehicle is well maintained and not abused. drove to work this morning, started to hear a grinding sound, then the vehicle stopped accelerating. shifted into neutral to pull onto a side street and safety. once vehicle came to a stop, selected drive. there is now a really nasty grinding noise that sounds like it is coming from the front left, and the vehicle will not move forward or reverse with the grinding noise in each gear. transmission fluid appears to be at the recommended level, normal in color (for age / mileage), and no visible leaking. to further confuse matters, regardless of shifter position (even neutral) with the vehicle running or not, the vehicle seems to be stuck in park - unable to roll freely. engine runs smooth as silk with no trouble lights at all. any information greatly appreciated
From cold start up high rpms like foot is on gas but isn't.
Help Help Please!!!
never solved problem light still on.since manifold replacement engine oil leak every time the car is turned off
How do I know if I broke the pump?
On one side of my car the back door won't open. It unlocks but won't open. The other side won't close leaving the light on the panel stating back door open. I have never seen anything like this and would not purchase another Buick or GM product. I need answers without spending tons of money to repair.
my engine light is on.I've had to diagnostics performed.
I Start it Up and it starts to shake an my check engine light starts to blink I have had the car for 6 months and never had a problem other then the battery and power steering
I had it at a dealer and they found nothing wrong, they say.
There are three metal knocks, in quick succession, resembles radial tires going over a crack in the road. Happens as fast as you can read knock, knock, knock. It is solid sound, not a tinty and nothing else happens with the engine. No hesitation or drop in RPM.
This is my mom's car. She has less than 70,000 miles on it and has a transmission leak. Are these cars prone to having transmission leaks? I think it is coming from somewhere on the drivers side. Where could this fluid be leaking from? It is not a super bad leak, but is leaving spots on the driveway and she said that she had to get fluid added sometime ago and it is low again. I don't know how much fluid was added then or how long ago it was.
The gauge is showing one or two hash marks high, occassionally goes higher and blows cold air from heater. After getting that high, goes back to normal and stays there. Usually does this when the car has sat for 30 minutes or more. The cooling fans are running during this time.
Transmission. Has anyone had this problem and how much is the cost.
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