2006 Buick Lucerne Questions

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2006 Buick Lucerne. No previous problems. Put new tires on and next day service stabilitrack light on. Diagnostic doesn't read it. Light on for 1 week. Aldo 2 days before had tires changed.
Traction control works fine but the nagging alarm alert, ding,ding,ding, does not turn off
My hood won't close all the way and I tried the rubber bumbers an it didn't help would it cause my battery to die if it says on my dashboard to check my hood and how would I fix hood to where it closes all the way so it doesn't show up on my dash board
no service lights
2006 buick lucerne cxl when driving it studders is the solenoid under the pan n under something else what am i looking for.....dont see it when i removed the pan
What seems to make the problem better or worse? worse when hot
How long have you had this problem? 2 weeks
I have a Buick Lucerne that previously was damaged where the right headlight is. The headlight was replaced but now when I set the automatic headlight control to parking light the corner light on the right-side headlight and the tail lights on the right side do not automatically come in. I use the right turn signle it comes on. I push the brakes and the tail lights come on just fine. I lock the car with my key fob and all the lights flash just fine. I have taken it to get checked they could not fix it, they told us someone seemed to have already tried but also failed.
Car only goes 40mph with high rpms and it vibrates and shakes with rough idle please help
There is nothing wrong with the catalytic converter but I keep getting the code for it. What's causing this?
Has happened three times, and when we go back few hours later it starts. We recently got it home only to go back out and try again and again it just cranked but would not start. No codes come up on the machine?
How can I fix my seat?
Just bought the car it has very low mileage. I took the scroud off the engine to see if I could tell where noise is coming from - hard to tell - but seems like it is more from the back 3 cylinders or around there somewhere. engine is the 3.8 L - noise always goes away after it warms up.
how to replace the dash light Buick Lucerne 2006?
I got in the car and hit #1 seat set up button to put my seat in set position. It did not work. I realized I had left an inside light on and turned it off. The car cranked fine, but once on the highway, messages came up on dashboard with engine symbol lit up, service stabilitrak and service traction device. Also noticed at stop sign that it felt like a mild pull back of motor or jerk.
the L shaped tube leaking( by water pump ) , having to put engine coolant in fast to stop it from over heating. How is this replaced?
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