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dont know if it is in heater or controls ?
The code was P0455.
I took the car on a Thursday morning for an oil change, inspection, and to check the reason for the clunking noise. I was told when I picked up the car the same Thursday evening that the wheel(s) "might look like its slightly turned and that this is normal when new struts are installed until the car is driven for awhile." The clunk is gone which really didn't occur on every turn. Now the wheels squeak/screech when turning and sometimes when driving straight, the steering wheel feels loose when parking, and most annoying and 'scary' is the rough ride. When the car goes over a bump or dip (even the lines going across a highway), the impact is so hard I can feel it in my seat and it jars my back - it feels like my seat is sitting on top of 'something' hard. It hits so hard that it feels like the wheel(s) is going to snap off. When only one wheel goes over a dip (even slightly recessed manhole), it feels like the the car pushes to the side. I took the car back to the shop Tuesday morning, and was told that an alignment and 'cam kit' will solve the problem in addition to driving it more.
At higher speeds (50+ mph) the rear end tends to kick to the right whenever I hit a bumby road. You feel the rear end jumps sideways and have to adjust the steering a bit to compensate.
My car has only 54,000 miles on it but it seems accelerate slower.
Tag inside driver's door doesn't appear to list front and rear pressures. No other tags found and not in service manual.
The alarm stays on steady when in reverse. Nothing in manual mentions back up alarm.
I cannot see control buttons at night.
Noticed this week that my engine temperature was running higher than normal and then all of a sudden it was in the red. Let it cool back down for a few hours drove it and the temp rose back up to just below the red. I don't see any signs of leaks. I turned it back on and let it run, the fans don't appear to be running. Not sure if that is the problem or water pump or thermostat. Any help would be useful, Thanks.
What else does this involve? Other belts to be replaced?
I was noticing irratic speeds several times before so does that sound like the blower motor quit.
Last week our '05 Lesabre begin acting up. The cruise control when set at 40mph begin to accelerate on its own until it was turned off. Additionally, the speed gauge does not light up anymore. Is this a simple burned fuse problem? or the beginning of something serious? Thanks for your time.
The car has a load popping noise under the body a shop told us it was the carriage bushing and filled it with grease it stopped for awhile. Figured I could do it myself and save 120 dollars.
readout shows no oil pressure at cold start,drive about 3 miles & it starts reading up & down.then it reads 130#&is ok until you stop & engine cools down.
How do you change spark plugs on fire wall side of 3800
engine Buick leSabre 2005
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